Saturday, 21 May 2011

My Favourites

Hi guys, sorry for lack of posts, been revising like mad last few weeks. Just wanted to share a few of my favourite products and jewellery. I apologise now for the photo quality, still can't find my camera so I used my phone.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner (Black) - £7.99 Boots

I know in my previous post I talked about this, but you can see from the pot that I use this a lot. It's a great liner and well worth what I spent on it. I'm thinking about purchasing the Eggplant colour of this too. 

Superdrug face masks (Apricot, peach and Mango Self Heating 
Smoothie Mask) and (Chocolate Nourishing Mud Mask) - Around 60p each Superdrug

I love these face masks. They work well with my skin and make it feel soft after I have used one. I don't use them often as I think they work better within a few weeks of each use. My favourite is the cucumber face mask, as it cools down my skin and as I have sensitive skin, doesn't make it dry ect after use. 

Natural Collection LashCurl Mascara (Brown/Black)  - £1.99 Boots

Collection 2000 XXL Waterproof Volume Sensation (Black) - £4.99 Superdrug

No7 Extreme Length (Black) - Part of a set, Boots

For every day use I use Natural Collection mascara, I love this mascara and was only £1.99. My lashes aren't that long, and when I apply this it extends the lash length and adds a curl to it. I also use No7 Extreme Length mascara, this was part of a set my Mum had, but wasn't to keen on the mascara so I had it. After I've applied the Natural Collection mascara, I use this to separate the lashes as I prefer my lashes to be long and thin for everyday use. For going out, I add the Collection 2000 mascara as it thickens the lashes and gives a fuller lash look. I really like this mascara but feel its a little too much to use everyday. 

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss (Crystal Clear) - £4.99 Superdrug
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eye Shadow (Beauty Spells) - £6.99 Boots

I really like this lip gloss as it doesn't feel as though you have your lips caked in gloss but makes them feel full and pout like if that makes sense. Also, I really dislike glosses that have a unpleasant smell to them but this smells quite nice. The eye shadows I also love, I haven't yet tried out the smoky eye look on the back on the container, I tend to just use on colour all over the lids. 

Left to right : Natural Collection SunTint Bronzing pearls (Tropical Tan) - £1.99 
Eyeshadow (Barley), Eyeshadow (Fine Silver), Eyeshadow (Candy Floss) - £1.79 each
LashCurl Mascara (Brown/Black) - £1.99
Tinted Lip Balm (Melon Cooler) - £1.99
Moisture Shine Lipstick (Crimson), Moisture Shine Lipstick (Rose Bud) - £1.99 each

I adore the Natural Collection from Boots, it's affordable, very much affordable, but also I feel that its good quality too. The crimson lipstick lasts for ages! And the mascara as I said above works well with my eyelashes. The bronzing pearls are also great and they too last ages.

Left to right : Models Own (Nyla Nude) - £4.99 River Island
Revlon (Minted) - Around £6 Boots
Natural Collection (Hibiscus) - Around £2 Boots
Rimmel Lycra Pro (Peppermint) - Around £4.50
17 High Gloss (Twilight Teaser) - £3.50 Boots

These are my absolute favourite nail colours, I'm loving the green/blue nail polishes at the moment and also Models Own nude colour.

Gold headband with turquoise detailing - £2 Primark

Gold and cream bird ring - £2 Primark

Silver cutout butterfly ring - £2.99 Select

Gold bird pearl and flower bead necklace - £3.99 Select

Mixed earring set - £1.50 Primark

Gold love earrings - £1 Primark

Mixed earring set - £4.99 New Look

Hope you all liked this post. Sorry again for picture quality. 

Are any of my favourites yours too? Or thoughts on any of the products? 


  1. Oooh, I love all of this jewellery! I'm going to Primark tomorrow I think... ;)

    I'm a new follower & love your blog :).
    Jade By The Sea

  2. I really like the Natural Collection too, they have some amazing products :) And I love all of the jewellry you picked out <3

  3. *Gasp* Theres a new colour of that eyeliner? I really love it! Might have to have a gander, thank you! :D Your nail polishes look fab btw x

  4. Thanks for comments! I love Primark jewellery, cheap and looks fab!

    I was so excited when I saw the new colour on the website,

    Can't wait to buy it....just need to find where its sold...


  5. I love primark jewellery and thanks so much to following my blog I now have 10 followers :D

  6. i love natural collections blush peach melba! :) x

  7. the ring with the butterfly is so cute... and I love the earrigs with roses :)

    Visit my blog! follow me if you like it ... I also follow you with pleasure:)

  8. I love the butterfly ring, I have a bracelet that is similar. I take it you are revising for exams? Good luck!

    All the best,

  9. Oh, face masks are so lovely, and cute earrings!

    /S / http://

  10. Heyy, I love the natural collection lipticks: I have loads of different colours and they are incredibly cheap! I have the Crimson red, Raspberry (which is like a bright pink), Rose Petal and many more. I have the mascara but it doesn't do a very good job at all... I use it once my Loreal Volume Lashes mascara has nearly dried as it lengthens them.
    Love your blog. I noticed that you followed me on my blog soo thank you! I have followed you to. If anyone would like to check out my blog here it is :)

  11. Love the Gold bird pearl and flower bead necklace and the earring sets! So cute (:

  12. the pro nail varnish and the 17 one are like my favorite, like wear them all the time, your blog is lovely! xx

  13. i have that earring set ! haha xxx

  14. Love everything here, especially Natural Collection - I'm gonna go out and buy the Lash Curl mascara because it's so cheap and my other "new-ish" mascara that I found in my cupboard has dried out :( and clumps like crazy! and the lipsticks! :)

    ~Hannah xx