Saturday, 2 July 2011

Avon Haul

Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Sorry again for taking ages to post, I've  nearly finished college for the year will start again in September for my final year. Can't believe I've been there 3 years already! Once I finish I will hopefully blog more frequently. Thanks to my followers for sticking around at the early stage and hello to my new followers and thank you for reading and joining my blog.
I recently ordered a few products from Avon. I haven't brought from Avon in a few years as there was nobody near me who did it, or that I knew of. I've always been a fan of Avon as my Mum was a representative for years while I was growing up. I was very excited when we received an Avon book last month and my order finally came during the week. I do realise you can purchase from Avon via internet but I love flicking through the catalogue and especially the scented pages! I didn't order a lot last month but when my order came there was a new book and this time I might have ordered a bit too much.
So these are the products I brought last month...

Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eye Liner

I ordered this eyeliner in bronze and when I applied it, it came out as a brown colour. Not nearly as bronze as it looked in the book. Although this, I really really like the colour of it! It suits my skin tone perfectly, is not as dramatic as a black eyeliner and is great for everyday use. It's very easy to apply too, it is very similar to a liquid eyeliner, hence the name, but still has a creaminess to it. Its long lasting and doesn't smudge. When I ordered this, it was on offer at £3 but in the new book its back to £6. On the website though it says its still on offer for £3, not sure how long the offer is going to last for but if anyone is interested, I'd order it quick. More info here

Eyeshadow Brush with Smudger

I haven't used this brush yet and will review it with my reviews from my next Avon haul. The brush feels soft and seems like it will work well.

I also had some tweezers and I'm sure everyone knows what they look like! :)

And these are the products I ordered for next month...

Colour Trend Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel in Minimalist Peach

Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner in Majestic Plum and Saturn Grey 

Skin So Soft Soft & Glow Ultimate Body Moisturiser SPF15 - Light/Medium

I ordered a few more things too, but info doesn't seem on the website yet as they are new products. 
I seriously cannot wait for them to come but have to wait for 2 more weeks yet! Eugh haha. 

Anybody else love Avon produts? Or have what I've ordered? Always love reading through your comments :D


  1. I've never ordered anything from Avon! I'm curious about their make-up though. I'll look forward to your review :)

  2. Wow such a great haul. I also never ordered anything from Avon but their products look great. Enjoy your goodies. =) New follower. Hope you follow back.

  3. I agree with you about the catalogue, the website just isn't the same is it haha. Avon is definitely underrated!x

  4. I've never ordered from Avon but the eyeliner looks good- I prefer ones that aren't quite as harsh as black for the daytime so this would be perfect!x

  5. Hi - I found your blog though Voe (lipstick and pearls).

    I'm American and Avon products are huge there. I love thier skin serums, some frangrances and thier pore perfection primer (I believe its called Magic).

    The lipsticks and foundation are tricky since the color never seems to match the catalogue or the website. But for the price...its fun to experiment with.

    Great blog! I love the variety.

    Ms. Michelle - (Hot Pink Combat Boots)

    Stop by and say hi sometime :)