Friday, 5 August 2011


I'm off on holiday end of August for my Mums and my own birthdays. Its just to Wales, no where abroad, but a holiday is an excuse to buy new clothes and things I 'need'. I also found my camera, FINALLY!
These were brought over the past month.

Tinkerbell Racer Back top - £8 Primark

Purple Breast Pocket Top - £4 BHS

Spotty Black and White Dress - £11 (I think) Primark

Blue and Yellow Spotty Dress - £10 Primark

Pink Floral Kaftan - £6 Primark

Green Bird Dress - £11 (I think) Primark

Bird Shirt - £6 Primark

Black Sandals - £3 Primark 

White Lace Waistcoat - £4 Select

Betty Boop Make Up Bag - £3 Primark

Hope you all like my recent buys, I particularly love the green bird dress and the black and white spotty dress. 
A big warm welcome to my new followers, love you all

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