Saturday, 9 July 2011


Ok so if you follow me on twitter you'll know I went on a shopping trip on Thursday...I also said I wouldn't be getting much because I have literally no money but seems I did buy a lot. Here's a look at what I brought.

Multi Way Sandal (Black) - Was £2.50, In sale for £1 Primark
Tan Purse - £2.50 Primark

False Lashes (Black) - £1.50 Primark

 Eye Shadow Quad and Blusher Block - £3 Primark

Tan Heels - £16 Primark

Nail Art set £1.50 Bodycare

Beauty UK French Manicure Set - £2.99 (I think) Superdrug

 MUA Lipstick (Shade 5) - £1 Superdrug

MUA Lipstick (Shade 7) - £1 Superdrug

MUA Nail Quake (Black) - £2.99 Superdrug

W7 Nail Polish (20 Barbie Pink) - £2.50 Peacocks
W7 Lip Plumping - 75p Peacocks

Hair Grips (Black, Grey and Silver) £1 Peacocks
Hand and Face Wipes (Flower Shop) - £1 Peacocks
Compact Mirror (Leopard Print Jewels)  - £1 Peacocks
Sunglasses (White) - £2.50 Peacocks

Hello Kitty Body Spray (Fruits) - £1.50 H&M
Disney Body Spray (Sweet Fruits) - £1.50 H&M

Paddle Hair Brush - £4.99 Superdrug
Make Up Wipes - 99p Superdrug

Freya North, Chances - £7.99
Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go - £7.99
Tasmina Perry, Kiss Heaven Goodbye - £6.99
3 for 2 Mix and Match at Waterstones

Hostage - £1.99
Jumper - £1.99
Clueless - £1.99
3 for £5 not sure what the shop is called 

Owl Necklace - £3 Matalan

Over the shoulder Bag - £5 Matalan

PHEW! Thats all of it. Sorry for picture quality once again. I will do some separate reviews on a few of the products once I have tried them out a lot more. 


  1. Yay clueless! Hehehe. Such a great haul! I especially love the heels and the sunglasses :)

  2. The tan heels look great!!I'd be curious to know what you think of never let me go as it was an interesting book!

  3. Prettyinthedesert- Haha, I watched it as soon as I got back. Haven't seen it in years!

    The Make-up Fairy- Yeah, the lady who served me when I brought it said it was a good read. Lookin foward to reading it.

  4. Love the owl necklace! :)


  5. Was the french manicure set good as I have been umming and ahming about getting it but was worried it would chip easily? :) xxx

  6. I haven't tried it yet! I'm terrible haha. I did use the base coat and try with the nail guides on my thumb nail, but when I pulled the nail guide off, some of the base coat came off too but I'm so impaitnet with waiting for my nails to dry. I will give it another go either tomorrow or monday and I'll do a post about it. :)