Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cheap Lipsticks Swatches

Just a quick post here, as a student with barely any income, I can't really afford to spend a lot on make up, which is why most of my make up is on a budget. I thought I would share with you my favourite cheap lipsticks and lipglosses.

From the top -
W7, Kiss Me, Lip plumping 75p - This really does plump your lips. It's not sticky either, it has a slight smell of mint. Also feels tingly on the lips which might put some people off it.

-Collection 2000, Lock 'n' Hold Lipgloss in Body Pop 1 £2.99 - This smells really nice. Is again not sticky. In the packaging, it looks bright pink, but when you apply it, its not as pink, just a tint of pink to the lips.

-Collection 2000, Lock 'n' Hold Lipgloss in Rock Steady 3 £2.99 - Out of all my lipglosses, this is my favourtie. Its a nude colour, also not sticky and great for a natural look.

-Natural Collection, Moisture Shine Lipstick, Crimson £1.99- This is a bright red colour, but for me I have to apply a few coats on my lips to get the redness I want. Its long lasting but smudges easily.

-Natural Collection, Moisture Shine Lipstick, Rose Petal £1.99-  I love this lipstick, its a very pale peachy colour, great if your going for a nude look on the lips. I wear this with Collection 2000, Lock 'n' Hold Lipgloss in Rock Steady over the top. Its again long lasting.

-Natural Collection, Moisture Shine Lipstick, Rose Bud £1.99- Another NC lipstick! This one is a more deep pink/red. It comes out quite dark on my lips but think its because my skin tone is light so it stands out more. This is long lasting and looks good with a clear lipgloss over the top.

-MUA Lipstick, Shade 7 £1 - These next two are my first purchases of MUA lipsticks and I love them already. It has a creamy texture when applied and feels soft on my lips. This shade is a pinky orange colour, when I apply a few layers, it seems to take a slight orange colour. I like it personally and think it suits my skin tone.

-MUA Lipstick, Shade 5 £1 - This lipstick is pink and sparkly! I love it! Again its creamy and such a lovely texture. It lasts a long time too. Such a great product for a mere £1! Will defiantly be buying more lipsticks from MUA.


  1. They all look really pretty shades! I love the look of natural collection Crimson and MUA shade 7 - I can't afford fancy expensive lipsticks either but these look fab for budget buys :)

    Great blog - following you now!


  2. I love your blog, some great advice in here. Beautiful layout as well! :) I'm following you, please help me out by following me if you'd like!