Saturday, 23 July 2011

MUA Quake Nail Polish

If you saw my Haul post last week you'll see I brought MUA Quake nail polish. I may bit a late to jump on the crackle polish band wagon, but I wanted to try it for myself and see what it was all about. I purchased this from Superdrug and was retailed at £2.99.

This was the effect I got with the MUA crackle and I was very pleased with the results. And this was only from one coat. It lasted a while too and I defiantly recommend it.

W7 Nail Polish (20 Barbie Pink) - £2.50 Peacocks
MUA Nail Quake (Black) - £2.99 Superdrug

And here's another look I got using a different base coat. This is with two coats...

Colour Trend Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel (Minimalist Peach) - £2.00 Avon
MUA Nail Quake (Black) - £2.99 Superdrug

Any of you tried the MUA Nail Quake? Or have a favourite crackle nail polish?

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  1. I'm really loving the MUA nail polishes and makeup - it is so cheap and great quality. I haven't tryed the MUA nail quake but I really want to now! :) xxx